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35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
1 Pint
$16.06 + $7.23
1 Quart $25.07 + $8.45
2 Quarts $37.84 + $12.07
1 Gallon $42.29 + $15.43
2 Gallons $70.82 + $19.72
4 Gallons $138.80 +$26.18
Trinity NutraLab Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
Note concerning labeling:
Time to time we change our labels appearance and not all size containers have the same label appearance. Originally all our labels were rather boring black or dark blue letters on white. In some venues, we have continued older apperannce labels on certain items due to their being so known to customers in that venue who recognize tge product by the product pictured label and wish to reorder the identical product again.
There may be transition delay in changing pictures at all online locations and transitioning labeled inventory. However, regardless of any labeling change, all our labels for Trinity NutraLab will state the product was "Distributed by Trinity NutraLab." Feel free to email or phone us if you wish further confirmation it is our product. We do answer emails and do have live customer service representatives.

SHIPPING RULES AND RESTRICTIONS: We do not ship hydrogen peroxide outside of the lower 48 continental states of the United States of America. We cannot ship to any other country including we cannot ship to Mexico or Canada. We cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

We include a free glass dropper bottle with each order from this website page.

 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide from TrinityNutraLab(TM)

Special Sale on 8.5 Oz 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
One 8.5 Oz 35% H2O2
Filled Dropper Bottle
$12.02 + $6.02 S&H
Total: $18.04
Two 8.5 Oz 35% H2O2
2 Filled Dropper Bottles
$15.07 + $6.02 S&H
Total: $21.09
Three 8.5 Oz 35% H2O2
3 Filled Dropper Bottles
$23.61 + $6.02 S&H
Total: $29.63

Trinity NutraLab(TM) 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
$16.06 $25.07
$42.29 $70.82 $138.80
$7.23 S&H $8.44 S&H $12.07 S&H $15.43 S&H $19.72 S&H $26.18 S&H
Total: $23.29
Total: $33.51
Total: $49.91
Total: $57.72
Total: $90.54
Total: $164.98

Add a real amber glass pharmaceutical grade dropper bottle to your order of hydrogen peroxide
for only $1.50

8 Ounce 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Packages
One 8 Oz + One 1 Oz Two 8 Oz + Two 1 Oz Three 8 Oz + Three 1 Oz Four 8 Oz + Four 1 Oz
$17.17 + $5.64 S&H

$27.16 + $5.64 S&H

$30.72 + 5.64 S&H

$38.27 + $5.64 S&H

To see many more choices and special discount sales itemts, see our Amazon listings.
Search "Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide."
Compare prices, products and choices. You will like what you see!

Other reliable online sources for 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide

If you prefer not to buy from TrinityNutraLab, please purchase your food grade hydrogen peroxide from an established and safe online seller. The following companies sell hydrogen peroxide that we are confident is reliably is are legitimate products based on testing.* **

 For full disclosure, Trinity NutraLab is the premier brand name of Pure Health Discounts, meaning is our company. Pure Health Discounts offers a large selection of food grade hydrogen peroxide products and dietary supplements to the public and also is a very popular wholesale supplier. Trinity NutraLab is for the true purist. The same food grade hydrogen peroxide is used for both products. However, first bottling is for Trinity NutraLab, so they are slightly different products in a purist sense.
True food grade hydrogen peroxide is a semi-stable chemical due to lack of harmful stabilizers. It is the semi-stable nature of hydrogen peroxide that makes it work. It allows the release of its extra oxygen molecule. Even if stored correctly, true food grade hydrogen peroxide is always "decomposing," though this is at a very, very slow rate with correct storage. However, in a strict sense, any food grade hydrogen peroxide - if the real thing - will be ever so slightly weaker tomorrow than it was today, though the difference may only be 0.001%. Though generally fully inconsequential, if you want the ultimate in food grade hydrogen peroxide in the purist sense, it is Trinity NutraLab. This really does matters to some people. However, there is no such thing as old Pure Health Discounts food grade hydrogen peroxide, which costs slightly less. Of course, we hope you buy from us. Our products are legitimate.

The next highest volume retail and wholesale supplier to online consumers and independent health retail stores and our major competitor. However, we do acknowledge the legitimacy of their products. G.O.E. also has supplied laboratories, companies using F.G. h2o2, medical professionals, water treatment facilities, commercial aquariums, government agencies and the United States military. G.O.E.'s  products are legitimate.

A supplier of chemicals and chemical supplies offering a large selection of chemicals and laboratory supplies to schools and universities. Science Lab also is a supplier to chemistry and laboratory hobbyists. They also sell chemistry and science educational tools and kits for schools. Schools and universities may be eligible for discounts on volume purchases. All chemical lab supply houses are quite pricy, but some people feel more comfortable ordering from them and some organizations are indifferent to pricings such as school supply contracts. Science Lab products are legitimate.


Is a large retail chemical distributor online offering a variety of chemicals, which as expanded into an International market. They offer a large variety of grades and concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. They also offer a variety of general and specific chemistry supplies and products and manufacture a unique line of equipment for chemical usage companies. They also are pricy, but are well known and carry accounts receivable, which some companies require be available for purchasing. We do not ship on accounts as we do not care to find ourselves in the bill collecting business nor to engage in the paperwork sometimes involved. Cole Palmer Chemical products are legitimate.

Also offers a large selection of chemicals and laboratory supplies. Their customer base includes many schools and universities. Science Lab also is a supplier of kits and educational materials for school instruction, and chemistry  hobbyists. Schools and universities may be eligible for discounts on volume purchases. Commonly this means a fashion of kick-back to the purchasing contractor, which usually is legal, but we do not if this applies. Contractors would inquire of this. We do not have such a practice. Carolina Chemical Supply products are legitimate. Carolina Chemical Supply.

Is a small eclectic company fairly new to the Internet after adopting a small food grade hydrogen peroxide mail order business (for gardening) from a retiring older fella with a following of food grade hydrogen peroxide enthusiasts for gardening, house plants and small scale farming. Food grade hydrogen peroxide has an incredible list of usages. She now sells food grade hydrogen peroxide online to eliminate printing and mailing costs. If you want to buy from a very nice person who has an honest product, it is her (though our customer reps are nice people too.) Celeste products are legitimate.

Offers environmentally friendly food grade cleaners and specializes in helping both large and small scale bakeries, meat plants, pharmaceutical and ready-to-eat facilities, and any other business that is subject to FDA or USDA regulation and food or drug safety audits. In additional to products and supplies they also will offer consultation to businesses concerning meeting regulatory inspections and requirements. They generally supply major food processing facilities. ESCA Chemical  products are  legitimate.

*This list does not necessarily include all companies that may selling legitimate and correctly labeled food grade hydrogen peroxide. 

It would not be possible to analysis the products of all current advertising and websites offering food grade hydrogen peroxide for online sales. Apartment and garage sellers ads and listings come and go every week and they frequently relocate and change company names.  Some are only virtual marketing selling products on affiliate programs for which the actual company or individual providing and shipping the products frequently changes.

**The companies listed above are economic competitors and do not endorse each other's products or the products of TrinityNutralab. While we do not endorse their products, they are established and well known enough to have reasonable confidence in them from our perspective. The final decision is yours. The list is presented to provide alternative reliable chemical resources, not just hydrogen peroxide, for individuals and organizations seeking safe online purchasing.


ALARMED AT THE RISK THE ONLINE APARTMENT AND GARAGE SELLERS of  mislabeled industrial  hydrogen peroxide (and other dietary and health products they make at home putting whatever they find cheapest in the bottle/capsule regardless of what the label says) in online websites and advertisements, a few years ago TrinityNutraLab and a couple other legitimate companies that began offering food grade hydrogen peroxide - the real, pure food grade hydrogen peroxide - to online small volume consumers at greatly reduced prices to offer an affordable alternative to unknown home based bottler/sellers - even if that meant shipping and product costs that occasionally cost than sold for due to total cost of the product, packaging and S&H - and as an alternative to high priced chemical supply houses whose products are legitimate but costly as they generally sell to large corporations and agencies where pricing is not as sensitive and they only discount on very large contract orders for ongoing deliveries.

The list above also gives you sources of other chemical products and laboratory supplies you might be searching for that we do not offer. You also may want to search Amazon for other products we do not offer - and for more products we offer not listed on this website. We have are always putting highly discounted specials on Amazon, plus you can compare prices easily there. Generally, Amazon is an excellent place to compare prices by different companies without having to search dozens of different websites.

The apartment and garage sellers are so flooding the Internet with ads and websites, with some (not all) sending out different dangerous contents, it is risking future consumers losing confident in online purchasing.

Also as a comment, a few home-sellers have started to claim they are selling "organic" food grade hydrogen peroxide and/or labeling as "organic." This is always a false.

Hydrogen peroxide is the basic natural chemical h2o2 (water - h2o + an extra oxygen molecule - o = h2o2.). The word "peroxide" simply means any molecule with 2 bonded oxygen atoms. Neither water nor oxygen are organic. Therefore, it is simple to understand that there is no such thing as "organic" hydrogen peroxide even possible as its simple molecular structure inherently is not organic. Hydrogen peroxide is a "natural" chemical in that is a basic natural molecule, not a complex artificial molecule, but it is not "organic." Inaccurate labeling, even if just as a marketing tactic, should raise your concern when you shop online.

Providing a list and links to our competitors may be unusual. While we hope you buy from us, we also want to do what we can to assure that even if you buy from another company you will receive what you order. Only buy from legitimate sources you can trust.

It's your personal life choice and health decisions. Be cautious and responsible with eyes wide open. Do not  buy personal use products from questionable sources because they have a cute or clever looking ad, label or website build on a professional looking website template.
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